Although I do not have teaching duties (at the moment), I really enjoy encouraging students to solve hard problems. It is one of the best perks of my job.

Current Mentored Intern Projects

Past Mentored Intern Projects

    Computer Assisted Learning for Arabic Speaking ESL Students.
    2016 (9 months)
    In this senior thesis project, we explored the challenges of using machine translated subtitles in a learning environment.
    Interns: Alaa Khader
    Outcomes Alaa's Senior Thesis
    Word Emotion Detector
    2015 (8 weeks)
    We explored the use of consumer-level eyetracking, face emotion detection, and electroencephalography technologies to detect the user reactions to written text.
    Interns: Alaa Khader, Ashwini Kamath, Harsh Sharma, Juan Sam, Olympia Datta.
    Outcomes Poster at QF Annual Research Conference 2016
    Interactive Translation of Educational Videos
    2014 (8 weeks)
    We analyzed different aspects of post-editing, and integrated translator-friendly features into the open-source Amara platform.
    Interns: ElSherif Mahmoud (TAMUQ), Arushi Vashist (IIIT - Hyderabad)
    Outcomes A poster in QF annual research forum.
    Meeting Translation Demo
    2013 (8 weeks)
    We built a web-based, Arabic-English speech-translation application using WebRTC, an in-house Speech Recognition and Translation Engines.
    Interns: Fahim Dalvi (CMUQ, now at Stanford), Kamla AlMannai (TAMUQ, now QCRI), Tasneem Jahan (CMUQ)
    Outcomes A working demo of the system. Posters, and Reports.
    Madar Huruf
    2013 (3 months)
    Together with Qatar Foundation International (QFI) we built an instructional application for learning the Arabic alphabet.
    Interns: Baljit Singh (CMUQ)
    Outcomes An application (Madar Huruf) released into the Apple AppStore.
    Arabia - Arabic Language Learning iOS App
    2012 (8 weeks)
    We built an interactive Arabic language learning application, which provided pronunciation and writing feedback. We used ASR and OCR.
    Interns: Sabih Bin Wasi (CMUQ), Amna AlZeyara (CMUQ), Baljit Singh (CMUQ), AlKhozama AlHarami (QU), Alaa Moosa (QU), Mohammed Agabain (QU).
    Outcomes A working prototype of Arabia, an interactive Arabic language learning app
    Arabic News Translation
    2012 (6 months)
    We built an application to translate AlJazeera webpages text and multimedia content. We used ASR to extract Arabic subtitles from videos, and then translated them into English.
    Interns: Ahmed Thabet (now at Facebook)
    Outcomes Participation in the NIST12 and WMT12 evaluations. A live system for Speech Translation of Al-Jazeera videos and web pages
    Clustered Optimization for SMT
    2012 (3 months)
    We explored the use of clustering techniques during MT optimization to produce better parameter estimation.
    Interns: Alok Kothari (now at CMU-LTI)
    Outcomes A draft paper of the idea.
    Nahuatl Machine Translation System
    2008 (4 weeks)
    A short summer project where we collected parallel Spanish-Nahuatl data and build a web interface for a translation system using Moses decoder.
    Interns: Silvia Márquez (UJAT), José López (UJAT), Tatiana Hernández (UJAT), Glendy Castillo (UCH).
    Outcomes A first real-time web-translator demo for Nahuatl. A small bilingual corpus for Mexican Spanish-Nahuatl.