This project has been to translate written and spoken news, with a focus on Arabic media. Recently, we partnered with several European partners to participate in the EU H2020 SUMMA Project.



  • December 2014Best in show demo at the BBC Labs NewsHack III - LangTech.
  • September 2015Part of the SUMMA consortium, an EU Horizon 2020 funded Big Data project.
  • June 2012First place constrained system at the WMT12 Spanish-English track.

Related Publications

QAT2 – The QCRI Advanced Transcription and Translation System
Ahmed Abdelali, Ahmed Ali, Francisco Guzmán, Felix Stahlberg, Stephan Vogel, Yifan Zhang. In Proceedings of INTERSPEECH 2015.
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QCRI at WMT12: Experiments in Spanish-English and German-English Machine Translation of News Text
Francisco Guzmán, Preslav Nakov, Ahmed Thabet, and Stephan Vogel. In Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation (WMT'12), pages 298-303, 2012.
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